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16 Life Lessons I’m Grateful Ethiopia Taught Me

Dorze Tribe Children

Just lately, I went deep into the Omo Valley Tribes in Ethiopia and visited the tribal individuals dwelling primitively in one of the distant locations in Ethiopia. The Omo Valley is likely one of the most fascinating areas in Ethiopia, all because of the wealthy cultural variety of many historic tribes that coexist within the space with peace and concord.

Cultural trade with the Dorze Tribe youngsters in Ethiopia!

The valley has a terrain of principally dry savanna expanse fed by the Omo River, which is likely one of the most necessary assets for the tribes residing on this area. A whole lot of small tribal villages pepper the panorama, every of them with their distinctive customs, cultures, beliefs and even their very own languages. These tribes have lived right here for hundreds of years, and because the discovery of human stays courting again to 2.5 million years in the past. Undoubtedly, the Decrease Valley area has been declared a Unesco World Heritage website at the moment.

Omo Valley Ethiopia Tribes

Overlooking Omo Valley Ethiopia Tribes

I’m exceptionally grateful for having this distinctive and uncommon expertise to go to the Omo Valley Tribes in Ethiopia. As distant and overseas because it appears, it’s potential to go to the tribes within the Decrease Omo Valley area. On account of their location and inaccessibility, the journey could be both costly, sluggish, or difficult journey. The journey can take a toll on you each logistically and bodily. Figuring out what I might be anticipating to see, I’ve ready numerous snacks, toys, meals and drugs for the youngsters and other people there.  Nevertheless, I used to be nonetheless “caught off guard” and closely impacted by the size of cultural shock! This humbling go to has impacted me much more than I might anticipate. Listed here are the 16 issues Ethiopia has impacted me so much.

Dorze Tribe Culture

The Dorze tribe chief taught me about their tradition and feed me with Injera!


Water is the supply of life, crucial aspect on this world is water. Think about we’re so used to activate our faucet for clear water. There are individuals who must stroll for miles to fetch water each single day. For his or her every day utilization for consuming, cooking, washing and even cleansing.

Ethiopian tribe women fetching water

Ethiopian tribe ladies fetching water

Their water availability should depend upon the mercy of climate. The tribes will probably be affected by antagonistic situation as a consequence of lack of water particularly throughout dry season or when they’re hit by drought” Therefore, more often than not the tribe might want to ration the water in the course of the moist season and maintain for utilization through the dry interval.

Daasanech Tribe Women

Daasanech tribe ladies consuming throughout celebration/festive. They make their very own drinks to rejoice a tribe lady who simply gave start to a child boy.

Take into consideration them if you flip in your faucet in future. 🙂

Ethiopian woman fetching water

Turning on faucet water is a luxurious in Ethiopia Tribes


Throughout my go to within the Omo Valley Tribes in Ethiopia, I introduced some style from residence as a gesture primarily for the youngsters. There was one incident once I was distributing bread to the youngsters, there was far too many youngsters greater than what I’ve ready, I don’t have sufficient for everybody. Therefore I broke them into items and distributed equally. One woman received a small piece of bread, and she or he additional broke them into smaller items and gave it to her youthful siblings (i assumed). This unselfish gesture really touched my coronary heart. A state of affairs like this, I didn’t see greed or want, as an alternative I noticed love!

Saving Africa Children

Giving is receiving! I obtain greater than I give, the expertise and smile on the faces was greater than what I delivered to them.

One other incident was once I was giving goodies to the youngsters, the information informed me, goodies are usually not meant for the youngsters in Ethiopia, I requested why out of my curiosity. The information informed me it’s meant for wealthy individuals, even he himself by no means tried goodies earlier than too. The youngsters took a small bites and share amongst themselves. Even tho it was nothing fanciful or costly chocolate, however the style of goodies gave them a lot happiness, evidently projected on the grins of their face. It actually warmed my coronary heart.

Ethiopian Child Eating

The meals I noticed the Ethiopia Tribe youngsters consuming

Whereas meat notably mutton, beef, pork, or hen is widespread for the Omo Valley Tribes in Ethiopia, greens like spinach is more durable to acquire. Once I was visiting the market in Dimeka, I witnessed the Hamer tribe ladies snatching and preventing for spinach as quickly because it arrived. I didn’t realise the greens that always lay on my eating desk are literally onerous to return by for individuals throughout the ocean.

Ethiopia Child

An Ethiopian baby fortunately walked away with the spinach “snatched” by her mom out there.

As we speak, many youngsters are nonetheless affected by starvation and malnutrition on the earth. Youngsters with massive stomach aren’t crammed with meals or gastric wind, or relatively, it’s a symptom of malnutrition. Because of the lack of protein, the abdomen swell and it’s the primary stage of malnutrition, a starting of a critical penalties if left untreated. 🙁

Ethiopia Daasanech Tribe Children

With the gorgeous Daasanech Tribe Youngsters in Ethiopia


Totally different tribes have totally different buildings and housing structure or design. Some are extra superior than others. However usually, a lot of the tribe shelters are movable huts. The supplies are largely used from branches, woods or straws huts which is fragile. Most tribe individuals stay in dome-shaped homes created from a body of branches, coated with hides and woven packing containers. Contained in the huts, they’ve mats which lay on the ground for sleeping, they will squeeze in 13 to 15 individuals respectively. However the dwelling normal varies throughout the tribes.

Mursi Tribe woman with a baby

A Mursi tribe lady exiting from her hut with a child

Some tribes just like the Daasanech tribe don’t politically belong to any of the nations (Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya), and like to be self-governed. They’re the one ones who’re capable of transfer freely between the nations and the borders. How cool is that? haha

Daasanech Tribe

The Daasanech tribe who can transfer freely between Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya.

Then again, human rights teams worry for the way forward for the tribes. Some are pressured to scatter via lack of land or means to maintain cattle as globalisation and improvement will increase. 🙁


If you go to the tribes within the Omo valley Ethiopia, there are numerous fascinating issues to take pictures of. Need to submit one thing? I’m sorry, there isn’t any Wi-Fi obtainable, digital camera lack of energy? once more sorry there isn’t any electrical energy. Can modify the temperature? Hmmm, there isn’t a air-conditioning or heater as properly. Principally, there aren’t a lot of amenities or facilities you possibly can anticipate. The tribes are contemplate dwelling primitively, it’s actually a uncommon expertise to work together and go to the  primitive tribes.

Daasanech Tribe Ethiopia

No wifi, no air situation, no heater, no electrical energy to cost your telephone!


What number of occasions do you bathe per week? I’m sorry, let me attempt once more, per day? haha. Properly, the most of the  tribes within the Omo Valley solely get to tub once they go to the river. Relying on the place they lived. Some might solely tub as soon as every week and even as soon as each month.

Ethiopia Omo Valley River

River is life and in addition the place the place they bathe!

Once they get to the river, there can be a spot for the lads and one other place for the ladies, however you’ll nonetheless see women and men mixing in some portion of the river too. And sure, everybody take their tub brazenly underneath the solar! Everyone seems to be just about open and assured about their pores and skin.

Ethiopia Omo Valley River

That is their showering place, the place’s yours?


Asking your self why do it is advisable research so arduous in class? How good in the event you can skip courses? Properly, each morning if you get up and determined to go to high school, this selection is a “luxurious” that many don’t profit from. Simply 49.1% literacy price in Ethiopia, many youngsters has no identification because of the large inhabitants within the rural areas. Going to high school isn’t a precedence for a lot of households. Nevertheless, in recent times with the assistance from authorities and assist from many world organisations, state of affairs is getting higher. Sadly, there are nonetheless far too many youngsters in Ethiopia who receives no schooling.

Ethiopia Tribe Mursi Children

With the gorgeous Mursi Tribe youngsters in Ethiopia

This resulted in lots of baby laborers in Ethiopia. Many youngsters should work at an early age, to assist out within the household. Whether or not within the farmland, carrying crops to feed the cows, shepherds, cowherds or different chores wanted within the household. A boring life enjoying Pokemon Go or watching Nickelodeon programmes isn’t an choice for them!

Ethiopia Tribes Children

Many youngsters have been pressured to work or assist out with households chores.

Africa Child Labour

Youngster labour in Africa! 🙁


How far does it take so that you can go to the market on a regular basis? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes? No matter it’s, it might by no means be as thrilling because the Ethiopian Omo Valley tribes. The Mursi tribe for instance, takes one full day per journey to go to the market within the metropolis. Because of the inaccessibility, their market day is simply as soon as every week. They got here down from the highlands, and trek throughout the Mago Nationwide park to the town’s market to commerce or unload their shares and change with valuables for the approaching week.

Ethiopia Tribe Market

Ethiopian Tribe Market

The tribes often will go to the market as a gaggle, and because of the lengthy journey, they might want to keep in a single day in wild and proceed their journey subsequent day. Now do you continue to assume your market could be very far?

Ethiopian Tribe Market

The bustling market that opens solely as soon as every week. Miss it? Come once more subsequent week! 🙂

Once I was travelling between Turmi to Jinka in Ethiopia, I noticed a woman with a child woman behind her again, strolling in the direction of Jinka’s path. As I used to be the one passenger within the car, my driver, information and I provided her a free journey. This experience has saved her from strolling 5 hours beneath the scorching solar. Despite the fact that it was a small gesture of goodwill, it meant lots to her. When I’m giving others a comfort, in return, I’ve gotten a life lesson, I ought to be thankful for the comfort I’ve again residence.

Ethiopia Hamer Tribe Woman & Child

Ethiopian Hamer tribe’s Lady together with her child woman behind

Ethiopia Hamer Tribe

Free journey for the mom and child, this save her 5 hours of strolling time underneath the recent scorching solar to the Jinka’s market.


Complaining visitors jams, practice breakdowns, squeeze buses, low frequency are widespread issues within the developed world.

The Mursi tribe for my part is the hardest to get to. It’s situated in probably the most remoted area of the nation, in Southern Ethiopia close to the border with South Sudan. This lovely, sedentary tribe principally residing within the surrounding mountains between Omo River and Mago Nationwide Park. Getting there, I have to journey three days by automotive on the filth path to the city of Jinka, after which journey a day throughout the Mago Nationwide Park, then excessive up the mountains on a rocky street to find the Mursi tribe individuals. When you have movement illness, this journey could also be robust for you.

Way to Mursi Tribe

On our strategy to Mursi Tribe, the street was too tough and we needed to come out and repair the trail ourselves.

As for the Daasanech tribe, I should journey down South, close to Kenya and Sudan border, close to to the Northern a part of Lake Turkana. Have to take a dugout canoes comprised of trunk of a big tree throughout the river, and trek for a bit to succeed in their houses.

Dugout Canoes Ethiopia

Crossing the river which is manifest with crocodiles by way of a dugout canoes in Daasanech Tribe in Ethiopia

The remainder of the tribes are simpler to succeed in, until you see the tribes by way of Journey Inspiration 360 or YouTube movies, else going by means of the street is inevitable! 🙂


One of many delicacies in Ethiopia is name the “Kotcho”, an Ethiopian flat bread which is analogous to the Injera (a sourdough flatbread) prepares by the Dorze tribe ladies, out from the trunk of false banana. The Ethiopians Kotcho made by the Dorze tribe individuals is very regarded for its dietary worth and is extensively consumed within the nation. I’ve witness how a Dorze lady made a Kotcho with water, bulla (liquid from Ensete ventricosum aka false banana), and with hearth and stone. All pure components and most significantly by the pure option to prepare dinner, and it style yummy!

Dorze Tribe Woman

Each meal the Dorze tribe ladies cooks is crammed with sweat, hardwork and lotsa loves! 🙂

On this means, you no have to be afraid you’ll run of out fuel.


The Hamer tribe ladies are additionally nicely know for beautifying their hair with beads and dying them in brownish color with ochre, a pure clay earth pigment which is a mix of ferric oxide and ranging quantities of clay and sand. It ranges in color from yellow to deep orange or brown. This was lately came upon by the researchers that the utilization of ochre in dying their hair is the primary cause for inflicting blindness within the Hamer tribe ladies. The federal government tried persuading the Hamer ladies to cease this follow, which is an indication of magnificence to them, however it was ignored.

Ethiopia Hamer Tribe Woman

A typical Hamer tribe lady’s trend and equipment. Their hair was dyed with orche, which can have an effect on their eyesight in long term.

An fascinating style development amongst the Dassanach tribe individuals is their headgear. Particularly the lads, with an extended function and a few multicolored beaded necklaces. They’re really gifted and revolutionary. They may clearly make it possible for they’re product of recycled gadgets to supply hand-made craft and jewelleries, decorations and attempt to promote them in their very own “market”. Lots of these things are constructed from buckets of dried small flowers and branches, or with adorned shells, white feathers and bottlecaps collected from discarded coke or beer bottles.

Daasanech Tribe Man

A typical Daasanech tribe man trend and equipment!


What are the issues youngsters aren’t in a position to withstand? Ice cream, candies, and toys I assume? However sure, once I was distributing some toys to the youngsters I met in Daasanech tribe, a confused response was one thing I wasn’t anticipating. The youngsters have completely no concept find out how to play the toy automobiles I introduced from Singapore, it was my pretty information who innocently requested me the way to play. My information don’t play the toys both, despite the fact that he’s from the capital metropolis Addis Ababa. He shared, most of the youngsters haven’t even seen a automotive earlier than. 🙁

Ethiopia Tribe Dassanech Tribe Children

The youngsters enjoying toys for the primary time. Lots of them have by no means play with toys earlier than, and even seen a automotive.

Plastic Bottles

You could be stunned, monies or candies usually are not the issues that the Ethiopian youngsters needed! Alongside my journey within the Omo Valley Ethiopia, I noticed many youngsters within the villages, tribes or roads. Virtually everybody requested me brazenly for “island”, a recycled plastic bottle that the youngsters can use for consuming, or recycle it to trade with cash or candies. Apparently, the youngsters in Omo Valley nonetheless don’t realise the worth of cash but. Therefore, island is a treasure to them.

Ethiopian Children

Youngsters not asking for cash or toys, however “island” which suggests plastic bottles!

I noticed many youngsters are utilizing overly used plastic bottles that’s clearly unhygienic and might be hazardous to the youngsters’s well being.

Rising Up

What’s rising up for you? Celebrating your 18th or 21st birthday in a ravishing villa or chalet with your loved ones and favorite buddies? What about chopping a gap beneath your lip? At round 15 to 16 years previous, The Mursi tribe younger woman’s decrease lip might be cutted by her mom. The opening of the wound is held open by a picket plug till it heals. Will probably be as much as the person Mursi younger woman to determine how massive to stretch the lip aside, by inserting progressively bigger plates through the years. It was believed the larger plate the lip can maintain, the extra worthwhile it is going to be for the woman’s marriage association.

Mursi Tribe Woman Lip Plate

Featured within the film Black Panther, the Mursi tribe ladies wants to chop a gap and insert a lip plate as a “magnificence” normal within the tribe.

Mursi Tribe Woman Lip Plate

An Ethiopian Mursi Tribe lady with an enormous lip plate, represents her standing and wonder within the tribe. A bonus for marriage!

This traditions has been handed down by generations. It was consider that the follow of chopping and stretching the decrease lip originated through the western colonization interval as a deliberate disfigurement, apply to make ladies and women much less engaging to slave merchants. Since then, it was a practice stay within the Mursi tribe. A captivating, but painful expertise to witness this uncommon tradition.

Mursi Tribe Women Ear Plate

Such tradition has been handed down generations, and now newer style or fashion emerged!

Indicators of Love

How do you proof your like to your love ones? Getting a branded purse or luxurious watch? Or improve your diamond karat as a indicators of affection in your companion? Properly, the Hamer tribe ladies then again undergo the rituals floggings, which marked painful wanting deep scars in their very own pores and skin and flesh, as a regarded and proof of devotion and like to their husbands. Scars to point out their love for the husband.

Hamer Tribe Woman with love scars

Hamer tribe lady with love scars on her arms.

Are you prepared to do one thing like that?

Probability of Survival

Whereas I discussed that having a option to determine whether or not you need to go to high school, whether or not what profession you want to pursue or what meals you need to eat throughout lunch? These are all a luxurious to many. Many youngsters in Ethiopia don’t even have the selection to determine whether or not they can reside!

Ethiopia Child

The Ethiopian Baby Service Backpack

One other unhappy tradition is within the Hamar tribe, they’re permit to have intercourse earlier than marriage. A merciless custom is that the single ladies can have infants to “check” their fertility. Lots of them will abandon their very own harmless infants into the bush, leaving them to die within the wild. The Ethiopian authorities and a few non-government organizations are actively looking for infants within the bush to save lots of these harmless souls. The federal government tried educating the Hamer tribe to abort such traditions, however it was typically ignored because of the superstitious perception that the kid will probably be affected by evil eye inflicting epidemics or droughts. 🙁

Mursi Tribe Children

The extra lucky youngsters in Ethiopia

Smiles on their faces

Regardless of all of the above, you have to be considering Ethiopia have to be a tragic place. In opposite, all through my journey in Ethiopia, I met many locals and despite the fact that they could appears main a easy life, they’re contented and pleased! This makes me mirror what actuality means to me. Whether or not our life is taken into account as actuality or theirs? Your success in profession, or within the materials world and what wouldn’t it means to them?

African Children Smiles

Take a look at these lovely smiles, it signifies they’re dwelling a life no lesser happiness than us, and undoubtedly not inferior than us! 🙂

The grins on the youngsters’s face was golden for me, the place I seldom obtain from the youngsters within the developed world. When it comes to high quality life, I feel I do know the clear winner, however who leads a extra lovely and happier life? I’m wondering…

African Children Smiles

These smiles are undoubtedly contagious! Unsure will I get a lot smiles from developed world?


I assumed i deliver so much to the African youngsters, however actually I’m receiving much more. I really feel i’ve discovered rather more from this uncommon expertise.

Giving is Receiving

Giving is Receiving

“Journey is greater than the seeing of sights; it’s a change that goes on, deep and everlasting, within the concepts of dwelling.” – Miriam Beard

The place I Booked My Excursions From?

Whereas that is NOT a sponsored article! I want to specifically thank all of the employees from Witness Ethiopia Excursions, particularly Mr Ermias, who organized all my transfers and deliberate all my visits to the tribes in accordance with my plans and finances.  Straightforward breezy! I actually love my pretty information Dawit Abayenh and my tremendous cute driver Peter Dimo, please requested for them if you wish to head off to Ethiopia. Dawit is a tremendous and wonderful information. I by no means as soon as felt unsafe, and he’s so educated about all the things. Going out with him is sort of a good friend I’ve know for a very long time, he’s somebody I can really rely upon. Peter’s driving expertise is so skilful until I doubt any quick and livid champions can beat him. He’s protected and will meander via the robust street very properly, making certain I’ve a clean, snug and straightforward journey 🙂

Witness Ethiopia

With the tremendous skilled and wonderful crew: Dawit Abayenh, Peter Dimo & the boss of Witness Ethiopia Mr Ermias

For many who have an interest, will depart the contacts under on your straightforward reference. 🙂

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